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organic, fair trade, shade grown drip coffee
small 12oz $2.29; large $2.79

iced coffee (16oz) – $3.49

hot organic tea – small $2.49; large $2.99

iced tea (16oz) – $3.49

Made with reverse osmosis filtered ice (16oz)

The Hulk – $8.99
Kale/Banana/Coconut Yogurt/OJ/Almond Milk

The Elvis – $8.99
Cacao Nibs/Banana/Coconut Yogurt/Sunflower Seed Butter/Almond Milk

The Berry Good – $8.99
UnGiltered Apple Juice/Banana/Coconut Yogurt/Mixed Berries/Matcha Green Tea Powder

The Shakalaka – $8.99
Coffee/Almond Milk/Banana/Cinnamon/Agave

The Creen Machine – $8.99
OJ/Banana/Romaine/Kale/Cilantro/Apple Juice

The Seedy Joint – $8.99
Acai/Banana/Sunflower Butter/Almond Milk

The Body Right – $5.99
Gluten-free Muesli/Banana/Cranberries topped with Coconut Yogurt and Acai Sorbet

The Chyckn ’N Waffle What?!?!?!?! – $9.99
Breaded Chicken Chunks/High Protein, Gluten-Free Lentil WafGle Pieces lathered in Maple Sriracha Sauce on a bed of massaged Kale

The OG BADASS – $6.99
Sausage Patty/Vegan Cheddar/Chipotle Sauce/Maple Syrup on a Multigrain MufGin

The Sir Nasty – $7.29
OG plus Sriracha & Red Onion

The Luigi – $6.99
Sausage/Vegan Mozarella/Marinara Sauce/Italian Seasonings

The S. Daddy Mack – $7.29
Sausage Patty/Vegan Cheddar/Russian Dressing/Lettuce/Tomato/Relish/Red Onion

Vegan Chili; Soup of the Day; C: $4.29; B: $6.49

Red Cabbage Slaw; Cilantro Quinoa; 8oz – $3.99

The NAughty Kale – $10.99
Kale/Sundried Tomatoes/Toasted Walnuts with a Lemon Cayenne Dressing

The Nice Kale – $10.99
Kale/Cranberries/Toasted Walnuts with a Lemon Agave Dressing

The Quinoa Kid – $10.99
Cilantro Quinoa, Tempeh Bacon, Black Beans, Romaine, Bell Peppers, Cucumbers & Chipotle Lime Dressing

The Brekkie – $10.49
Scrambled Tofu/ Vegan Cheddar/ Black Beans/ Bell Pepper/ Red Onion/ Chipotle Sauce stuffed In a Multigrain Tortilla w/ side of Salsa

The 2AM Friend – $10.49
Flank Steak/Vegan Cheddar/Black Beans/Red Onion/Cilantro/homemade Tomatillo Salsa

The Pizza Wrap – $10.49
AlmondRicotta/ Pepperoni Slices/ Marinara Sauce/ Tomatoes/ Bell Peppers/Basil/Olives

The Reuben – Full: $11.99; Half: $6.99
Marinated Deli Slices/Vegan Swiss/Sauerkraut with Vegan Russian Dressing on Rye!

The Georgia Blonde – Full: $11.99; Half: $6.99
Deli Slices/Swiss/Red Cabbage Slaw/Thousand Island/Dill/Mustard on Sourdough

The BLT – Full: $10.99; Half: $6.49
Tempeh Bacon/Romaine/Tomato/Stone Ground Mustard/Vegan Mayo on Sourdough

The Spicy Beef – Full: $9.99
BBQ Marinated Flank Steak/Cucumber Salad on Pretzel Roll

The Chycken Parm – $9.99
Breaded Chicken/Almond Ricotta/Vegan Mozarella/Marinara Sauce/Basil/Italian Seasonings on Surdough

The Deli Classic – $9.99
Deli Slices/Romaine/Tomato/Red Onion/Vegan Horseradish Sauce/Mustard with Herbs & Seasonings on a Pretzel Roll

The Pulled Porky – $11.99
Slow Cooked Jackfruit in a homemade BBQ Sauce with Coleslaw, Cucumber Salad on a Pretzel Roll

Add Avocado to Smoothie, Salad, or Sandwich – $1.49

Creation Myth

O nce upon a time, in a galaxy called Hollywood, a deli/market was born that aimed to provide healthy and hearty, soul-satisfying food which was better for personal, community and planetary health. This eco-convenience store is called Locali Conscious Convenience. Now a beloved food spot in Los Angeles, it churns out some of the tastiest soups, salads, smoothies and sandwiches, this side of the Mississippi. Through compassionate and present customer service, an addictive menu, and a principled business model, Locali has become a nest to a beautiful and sundry array of regulars who enjoy the shameless affection lathered on the culinary offering.

Due to Locali’s bottle rocket success, it was only a matter of time before her brazen, little sister tried to get in on the mix. Localita saw an opportunity in DTLA to spread the wanton happiness. Street smart, yet unworldly vulnerable, in a moment of weakness, Localita reached out to the one party she knew could support her food-based mildly subversive antics. The Badasserie, rogue home of the perversely delicious Baaadasss Breakfast Sandwich (and his ne’er-do-well, yet equally scrumptious second cousins) was approached for casually monogamous partnership.

Localita & The Badasserie married in a gunnery off the coast of Monte Carlo with only two witnesses and gin-soaked sea captain as the officiant. After a brief honeymoon, it was time to get to business. They found a beguiling location in the city’s action-packed Fashion District. It was essentially a hole in the wall with all the potential glory and risk holes in walls tend to provide. Always up for a challenge, The Badasserie convinced Localita they should give birth to the world’s smallest quick service restaurant in the space. Predisposed to a fear of clown cars and yet, possessing a desire to pack her shop with as many edible goodies as possible, Localita lamented to The Badasserie about their lilliputian quarters. He smoothly replied, “Honey, We’re so badass, we don’t need to be big.” And thus, their first fight was narrowly averted. Their make up sealed with a handshake. This, after all, is a marriage of convenience.


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